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The present Public Interest Litigation (hereinafter ‘PIL’) relates to making it mandatory to print photograph and signature of the authorized holder in all – Credit Cards, Debit Cards and ATM. Cards. In our country as on August’2011 (01) crores (70) lac and (58) thousand Credit Cards were in circulation along with (25) crores (10) lac and (48) thousand Debit Cards. The total spend value of Credit Cards (at POS) was Rs. (8078.98) crores and the total spend value of Debit Cards (at POS) was Rs. (4560.52) crores.

Ever since the banking instruments, facilitating paperless monetary transactions have come into existence, there have been multiple instances of multiple natures of crimes, related to Debit, Credit and ATM. – Cards. Various commendable measures have been initiated by the issuing authorities, to deter the executors of crime but the instances of crimes, related to the above mentioned paperless monetary transaction instruments, continue to grow and thus posing a huge challenge to the security establishment as well as the end users, who are most concerned of not only the safety of their hard earned wealth but that of their personal life as well.

With a police availability of (177.7) personnel per (01) lac of population as in (2008) against that of (559) in Italy (498.1) in Mexico (326.4) in USA. (192.7) in Nepal – way back in (2002) we as a nation compare poorly with other nations of the Globe. Additionally it also throws light on the limited resources in terms of personnel at disposal of the security establishment and hence the resources ought to be stretched, resulting in imperfect resolution to issues pertaining to crime and hence a precautionary approach is needed to deter instances of criminal activity.

The same holds good for the above mentioned banking instruments as well. Although the banking apex body – fully owned by Govt. of India is working on various product development inputs to act as deterrents, but at the same time most of these inputs are customized for high end offerings where as the mass offerings tend to be neglected as because the pricing of the product gets inflated, because of additional inputs being incorporated. However some very basic measures can facilitate much secured usage of the paperless banking instruments and result in less pressure on the security establishment and safety along with peace to the citizens of the nation.

The present public interest petition is pertaining to the rapid increase in crime because of limited deterrents being incorporated in the paperless banking products namely – Credit Cards, Debit Cards and ATM. Cards. The petitioner most respectfully and humbly prays before this Hon’ble Court to issue appropriate writ(s) direction(s) towards making it mandatory to imprint – Photograph and Signature of the legal holder in whose name the instruments is issued and further be pleased to issue appropriate writ(s)/direction(s) to the Respondents to ensure proper implementation of the regulations/laws pertaining to imprint - Photograph and Signature of the legal holder in whose name the instruments already stands issued.


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