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Our country is the largest democracy in the world. The level of freedom enjoyed by it’s citizens is perhaps by far better than those enjoyed by so many citizens of so many other nations around the globe.

However given the nature of the democratic system, there is existence of bottlenecks, which are detrimental to the healthy existence of a fully functional democratic system. Given the sheer size of our democracy and with the era of coliation politics coming into existence, it is difficult even for governments to monitor and implement good decisions at will.

Moreover we as citizens need to be aware of our duties towards our nation and one of then is to highlight wrongs and seek redressel !!

There are multiple government forums and levels where redressel can be sought either directly or, if the process of approach is unknown to the citizen, then through a LIAISE.

Apart from representations to the government and the executive the help seeking citizen can also approach the honourable court of law.

A potent weapon in the hands of the citizens, is in form of ** PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION, FOR PROTECTION OF PUBLIC INTEREST.

It can be filed in the high court or directly in the Supreme Court.

By virtue of PIL, the right to espouse a public cause, by seeking judicial remedy for redressal of public injury is ensured !!

The cause of such injury may be breach of public duty or violation of some provision of the constitution. It is the device by which, public participation in judicial review, of administrative action is assured.

There are instances, when judges themselves have initiated, ** suomoto action, based on newspaper articles or letters received. Courts have also, appointed commissions to collect information facts and present it before the bench, specially in cases when, evidences are voluminous and due to weak – social or economic standing of petitioner, he is not in a position, to provide all necessary evidence.